Mission Statement

Mission Tagline: Providing a new way of shining light in a dark world through expression of style. Matt 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Our Objective: Giving a voice to those who cannot speak, a vision for those who cannot see and the way for those lost in confusion.

Official Statement: When living in a dark world that glorifies sin in countless ways, even knowing what to wear and where to look can be challenging. Style is a big part of expressing who we are and even what we believe in. So how do we express ourselves in a fashionable way that still represents the truth about who we are? As Christians we should want to portray who we are in Christ in all we do from our actions, our words, and yes even by what we wear. Matt 514 has found the way to do that by providing you with the best Christian apparel, products, and accessories to glorify God. The collection of products we obtain are meant to compliment our faith in Him. We want to impact our communities by bringing light to more people. It is time to be bold in what we stand for and believe in. The powerful message in Matt 5:14 has inspired us to start Matt 514 to encourage and shine the light in a dark world. Join us in building up the kingdom while waiting on our King’s great return. Wear the words that matter.